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Hi, I’m Cyndie, and I love waking up every day feeling ready for whatever life has to offer.

Anyone who follows my journey knows that photography, travel, and healthy lifestyle light me up.


Growing up in the small beach town of Cape May, NJ, I loved to be outdoors swimming in the ocean and riding my bicycle (I still do!). As a budding photographer, my world was filled with imagination and adventure. My mind blew open when I moved to New York City and met people from all walks of life; I was fascinated by cultures and customs that are so different from mine.


It was just a matter of time before my passion for photography led to some pretty awesome adventures. I’ve been the chief photographer on an expedition ship through the Baltics, documented a historical excursion around Israel, shot a food trek in Sicily, captured portraits in Cuba, and shot a kids’ sports program in Rwanda. I've also lived outside in the Canadian Arctic wilderness for a couple of weeks.


When chronic high stress from a corporate career forced me to examine the negative effects on my health, I made significant changes to my lifestyle and pivoted to create an integrative wellness practice focused on nutrition, fitness, and holistic health.


The year before the covid-19, I left home to travel and live in 12 countries in 12 months to learn about diverse healing practices around the world. I created a visual storytelling project to document and share my experiences along the way. Everything I discovered, from South America, to Mexico, Asia, and Europe, came from real people, in real time. Which is to say, I personally experienced these methods—many of them trusted and handed down through generations—and saw how they really work.


When the global pandemic stopped my travels in Croatia, I decided to stay and join the movement of digital nomads. Photography, travel, adventure, and wellness factor prominently in my life and contribute to my well-being, and they’re baked into Appetite4Life.

I’m a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I've earned additional certifications in gut health, hormone health, and advanced coaching.


I hold certificates from Cornell University in nutrition and the State of New York in fitness. My expertise includes burnout and stress management. I've also earned a Master’s degree from New York University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Philadelphia University of the Arts.

I serve as Co-Chair of the Global Wellness Institute’s Nutrition for Healing Initiative.

Ready to end weight gain and fitness blues while traveling? Click the link to book your complimentary consultation today.

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