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“We’ve only been here 2 weeks and my pants are getting tight. There’s so much good food and I want to try everything! How am I going to keep traveling and not gain weight??”
Travel brings some of life’s greatest rewards. We pack our bags and anticipate leaving home to enjoy new food, culture, people, and adventures. Let’s go! Yet, our routines can be disrupted in ways we’re unprepared for, throwing us off balance and causing unwanted anxiety.
Digital nomads often struggle with eating and drinking too much, gaining weight, and falling off the wagon with healthy habits.

Which of these challenges do you recognize?

  • “The general issue for me is overeating when away. I get excited by all the new things, but I don't know how to moderate. That, in addition to not having an exercise routine, means I very quickly fall into bad habits, which ultimately makes me feel low.”


  • Not knowing how to make good food choices is confusing, especially in places with very different palates from yours and where you don’t know the language well enough to ask.


  • Feeling like your choices are limited because of food intolerances, sensitivities, or not finding things you’re used to can be discouraging. Where are my veggies?

  • “Balancing going out with travel friends to eat and drink while maintaining my health goals is hard, plus lack of motivation to work out while traveling.”


  • Too much alcohol packs on calories when every night feels like a party and reaching for caffeine and sugar to boost your energy just adds more. FYI, the consequences can affect more than your weight, like poor food choices and food cravings (usually for more sugar, salt, fat, and fried, high-calorie things), dehydration, disrupted sleep, and brain fog.

  • Poor sleep and insomnia due to odd work schedules and different time zones causes fatigue and can trigger constipation, dehydration, and sugar cravings—all of which contribute to weight gain.


Can you relate?

Are you ready to put an end to the travel weight gain and take hold of your wellness on the road?


What about gaining clarity on your health goals and setting intentions for self-care?

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These situations can add anxiety to otherwise fantastic experiences. I know, I’ve been there. Insomnia, fatigue, constipation, and weight gain used to upset my travels.

Now as a wellness entrepreneur, I’ve found a whole different way to travel and maintain my health, fitness, and overall well-being. I never have unwanted downtime due to poor physical conditions and I’ve accomplished things I never imagined, like the time I left home to travel and live in 12 countries in 12 months discovering effective health and wellness practices around the world. Now I love what I get to do.


I help digital nomads make the most of their travels AND optimize their health so they can enjoy food and culture—without going off the rails or feeling guilty or depriving themselves—and still stay fit and keep the weight off while enjoying life.

If you know your food, fitness, or healthy routine can get off track when you travel, causing you weight gain and/or anxiety, then let’s chat. Click the link to book your complimentary, no-pressure consultation today.