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Storytelling promotes happiness and well-being for individuals and communities. We laugh, learn, become inspired, and feel hopeful about the world and our place in it.
Are you ready to escape pandemic life? In this series we step beyond the four walls we live and work in and explore the four corners of the world, without restrictions.

Virtual Traveler is an online storytelling series where we meet up and share all sorts of tales and pictures about travel and adventure. Stories connect us through creativity, curiosity, and togetherness. Photography captures our imagination and helps us relate to each other through art.

“Virtual Traveler storytelling events are a wonderful way to connect and meet with other people who are also interested in traveling… each event has a different theme or topic and I learn about new cultures and traditions around the world.”

—M. Lamb, Montenegro


No one is immune to occasional stress, loneliness, burnout, or depression. Today there are different types of non-clinical solutions for help coping with life’s challenges. One of the most popular “treatments” that doesn’t require a prescription is connecting with others— simply chilling out and enjoying time with friends and family.


The Virtual Traveler group is a friendly, fun space for camaraderie and community, no matter what state of mind you’re in.


“Cyndie has an ability to easily make a connection with her story subjects even when there is a language barrier.”

—J. Burkhardt, USA

No upcoming events at the moment
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